Enhancing Employability of Graduates

For the last several years, many reports from business associations like CII and NASSCOM have expressed concerns about the low employability of graduates. Low employability is a problem for individuals as it lowerstheir financial security in long run. It also adversely impacts growth of employers and thus the growth of the economy. Hence we see the Government of India, many large companies and NGOs taking up various initiatives to enhance employability of graduates.

We have set up Vidyarjan Academy to singularly focus on enhancing the employability of graduates. We offer industry-relevant certificate courses that can help college students and working professionals develop their career.

Each of our courses offers 10 online live sessions and online learning content over three months. The online live sessions cover the essential elements while online learning content provides additional learning inputs. The online live sessions would help the learners understand the critical aspects of the subject matter while online learning content can help them take a deep dive in the topics of their choice.

The online live sessions are delivered by faculty having 20+ years of industry experience. This experience of faculty would help the learners understand the concepts with real-life examples. The online live sessions are typically scheduled over weekends for one and half hours. Learners can attend these sessions from the comfort of their home or office by using a smartphone or desktop/laptop with high bandwidth internet connectivity (e.g., broadband, high-speed WI-FI or 4G data).

The online learning content consists of short video lectures, brief articles, and quizzes. These additional learning inputs can be absorbed whenever learners find some free time. This will help the learners study more without disturbing their work or personal schedule.

To achieve desired learning outcomes, learners would need to attend at least 80% sessions and submit course-specific assignments. The course faculty reviews the submissions and provides specific feedback to the learners. This feedback would help the learners validate their learning and take corrective actions if needed.

After successful completion of a course, learners join a growing alumni network of professionals. This network would be useful for getting future career opportunities and professional advice. Plus they can attend local networking events organized by us from time to time.

We have kept the course fee as low as Rs. 5000 (inclusive of taxes) since we avoid spending money on expensive TV or newspaper advertising. We rely on our alumni and well-wishers to recommend our courses to individuals and corporate. We strive to give the maximum possible returns on the learner’s investment of time and money.

With the help of technology, we are attempting to provide high-quality training to graduates who wish to develop their career but are constrained by time or money or both. Please help us spread the word by recommending our courses to your friends and colleagues.

Available Courses (Brochure)

  1. Career Management
  2. Business Communication
  3. Business Fundamentals

For admissions, please call +91 8104 365 281 or write to admin@vidyarjan.in.

Career Success Webinars

We organize career success webinars on Sundays on following topics:

  1. What do you learn in MBA?
  2. How to speak English fluently?
  3. How to build your career?

There is no fee for attending these webinars but prior registration is compulsory. For more details and registration, please call +91 8104 365 281.

Vidyarjan Nuggets

Vidyarjan Nuggets are annotated links to learning resources from the area of business management. We post them once or twice in a week. There are many ways by which you can read them:

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Happy learning!