Enhancing Employability of Graduates

For last several years, many reports from business associations like CII and NASSCOM have expressed concerns about the low employability of graduates. Low employability is a problem for individuals as it lowers their financial security in long run. It also adversely impacts growth of employers and thus the growth of the economy. Hence we see the Government of India, many large companies and NGOs taking up various initiatives to enhance employability of graduates.

We at Vidyarjan Consulting Pvt Ltd have set up Vidyarjan Academy to singularly focus on enhancing the employability of graduates. We offer industry-relevant certificate courses that can help college students and working professionals develop their career.

With the help of technology, we are attempting to provide high-quality learning and development inputs to graduates who wish to develop their career but are constrained by time or money or both. Please help us spread the word by recommending our services to your friends and colleagues.