Launching Mentored Online Courses MOC

We at Vidyarjan Academy offer two types of online courses: online live courses and 100% online courses. While 100% online courses provide online learning content in the form of videos, articles, quizzes, etc., online live courses additionally provide 15 hours of live interaction with the subject matter expert.

Some learners prefer 100% online courses because they can take them at their own speed and as per their convenient schedule. Some others prefer online live courses as it provides a fixed schedule for completion of the course and they value the live interaction with the subject matter expert. However, we have come across many learners who would want a third form of online courses. They want the self-paced nature of 100% online courses but need the interaction with the subject matter expert from time to time. To serve this category of learners, we are launching what we would like to call as Mentored Online Courses (MOC).

Mentored Online Courses (MOC) will provide mentoring support in the form of at least once in a week interaction with one of our mentors and occasional Q&A support on WhatsApp. As an introductory offer, we would charge Rs. 500 per month per course with an expectation that learners will finish the course within a month. As of now, we offer following Mentored Online Courses (MOC):

  1. Business Fundamentals
  2. English Grammar
  3. English Vocabulary

We will add more courses in near future. The topics under consideration are data science and digital marketing.

Interested learners can register for one or more of these courses at

Launching Two New Courses

Vidyarjan Academy is launching two new online live courses viz. Spoken English and Selling for Success.

Anand Aashay will teach Spoken English course. The target audience consists of working professionals, who find it difficult to speak in English at workplace. College students can also benefit from this course. Anand is looking forward to leverage his 40+ years of industry experience to help participants achieve their career objectives by learning to speak English fluently.

Narendra Godse will teach Selling for Success course. Being a seasoned sales professional for more than 15 years, Narendra is well positioned to help working professionals and college students excel their selling skills. He will not only teach the sales process but will also elaborate on relationship building and understanding customers.

Admissions are open for the next batch starting on Monday 25th May 2020. The one hour online live sessions will be scheduled on alternate weekdays (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). The first session would be on Monday 25th May 2020. The last session would be on Friday 26th June 2020.

Please visit for more details and enrollment.

New Batch of OLC starting on 4th May 2020

Admissions are open for the next batch of following Online Live Courses (OLC) starting on Monday 4th May 2020.

  1. Business Fundamentals
  2. Business Communication
  3. Advanced Excel
  4. Jump-start Data Science in R
  5. Jump-start Data Science in Python
  6. Building Website with WordPress
  7. Getting Started with Digital Marketing
  8. Project Management Basics
  9. English Grammar

The courses include 15 online live sessions of one hour each over five weeks. The sessions are supplemented with online learning content such as videos, articles, quizzes, etc. Participants would receive the Certificate of Completion after attending at least 80% sessions and by submitting assignments & quizzes.

The batch size varies from 10 to 20. The course fee is Rs. 3000.

Please visit the OLC page for more details and enrollment.

Summer Internship

Vidyarjan Academy is offering work-from-home summer internship (B2C sales profile). It is more relevant for MBA (marketing) students though others can also apply.

Interested candidates should submit their resume here.

A New Course on Business Fundamentals in VCL

We have added a new course on Business Fundamentals in the Vidyarjan Courses Library (VCL). It has 18 topics. It is based on the open textbook titled “Fundamentals of Business”. The course provides topic-wise text and quiz. One topic would take one or two hours to complete. If you study two topics in a day then you can complete this course within nine days.

If you take up this course during current lock-down then you can avail three FREE video calls with the expert for clarifying doubts.

This micro-MBA kind of course will be useful for under-graduate college students and for working professionals, who have not done MBA. If you are interested in this course then please send a WhatsApp message to +91 8104 365 281 with your name and email address.

Launching VCL

On the auspicious day of Gudhi Padwa and Ugadi , we have launched our new online learning portal called Vidyarjan Courses Library (VCL). VCL currently offers following 100% online courses:

  1. English Reading Comprehension
  2. English Listening Comprehension
  3. English Vocabulary
  4. English Grammar

These courses will be useful for school children, college students, and working professionals, who are looking for improving their English Communication Skills. The introductory price for the monthly subscription is Rs. 300/- only.

We are offering access to these online courses for FREE till 31st March 2020. Please send a WhatsApp message to +91 8104 365 281 with your details viz. your name, WhatsApp number, and email address. We will then send you the login details.

Happy Learning!

Gapminder Global Facts test

“Almost nobody knows the basic global facts!”

That’s the claim Gapminder website makes and challenges you to take the Gapminder Global Facts test. The test has 13 fact questions. There’s a time limit of 45 seconds per question. You will get a certificate if you score 100% on this test. You can attempt the test as many time as you like.

Will you like to take this challenge? Visit!

Gapminder is a Swedish NGO that produces free teaching resources making the world understandable based on reliable statistics. It promotes a fact-based worldview everyone can understand. The site has very good learning resources that you will like to explore!

Happy Learning!

“Forecasting: Principles and Practice” book

Forecasting is needed for effective and efficient planning in business areas like inventory stocking and retail POS staffing. If you wish to have a comprehensive introduction to forecasting methods then you will find a free online textbook on this topic quite useful.

“Forecasting: Principles and Practice” is written by Rob J Hyndman and George Athanasopoulos from Monash University, Australia. It uses R to help readers learn how to forecast using R. R is an open source software, which is available for free for every operating system. It is a very useful tool not only for forecasting but for all statistical analysis.

The free online book is available at

Happy Learning!

Disruption 2020: An Interview With Clayton M. Christensen on the website of MIT Sloan Management Review

Clayton Christensen, a Harvard Business School Professor, is best known for his theory of “disruptive innovation”. He recently passed away on 23rd Jan 2020. MIT Sloan Management Review published perhaps his last interview at

This interview is taken by Karen Dillon, who is a former editor of Harvard Business Review (HBR). In this interview, Prof Clayton Christensen has shared how he had refined his thinking, what the future of innovation looked like through that lens, and what questions he was still wrestling with. An excellent read!

“Spurious Correlations” website

If you have studied statistics then you must be aware of the statement, “correlation does not imply causation”. This statement essentially means that we cannot legitimately deduce a cause-and-effect relationship between two variables solely on the basis of an observed association or correlation between them. If you need examples to support this statement then you should visit “Spurious Correlations” website at

Created by Tyler Vigen, this website documents examples of what are best described as spurious relationships. These are the relationships in which two events have no causal link, but still appear to due to either a coincidence or a third, confounding variable. The site shows the charts on which two variabes are plotted against the time line along with Pearson correlation (r) value. The site also allows us to discover new correlations. We tried the same and found the following correlations.

“Apple stock price on January 1 correlates” with “Worldwide commercial space launches” with r=0.945948
“Apple iPhone sales” correlates with “Per capita consumption of american cheese (US)” with r=0.999421
“UK: Military defense spending” correlates with “Number of people killed by hornets, wasps and bees in US” with r=0.999436

Needless to say, there are apparently no cause-and-effect relationship between these variables!

Happy Learning!