English Grammar Challenge

How much confident are you about your knowledge of English grammar? Ready to take #EnglishGrammarChallenge?

English Grammar Challenge is a free online quiz containing 100 multiple choice questions. It should be attempted within an hour. You earn a certificate if you score more than 90% in the quiz.

Take #EnglishGrammarChallenge in three steps.

1. Register at bit.ly/vidyarjan
2. Enroll in English Grammar Challenge with enrollment key, Vidyarjan@2019.
3. Attempt the quiz honestly.

If you score less than 90% then you may choose to enroll in an online course, English Grammar Gym. This course consists of learning resources and 100 practice quizzes. For more details, please call at +91 8104 365 281 or write to admin@vidyarjan.in.

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Vidyarjan Nugget # 22

If you wish to take only one online course to learn about how to start your own venture, we would recommend you the Udacity course titled “How to Build a Startup”.

This free course is taught by Steve Blank, who is recognized for developing the Customer Development method that launched the Lean Startup movement. Lean Startup movement recognizes that startups are not smaller versions of large companies, but require their own set of processes and tools to be successful. This course introduces many concepts that will be useful for every entrepreneur.

Our key takeaway from this course is the definition of a startup. Steve Blank defines startup as a temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.

The link to this learning resource is http://bit.ly/vnl0022.

Happy Learning!

Vidyarjan Nugget # 21

Is there any science to entrepreneurship? Society for Effectual Action (SEA) thinks so. Housed within the Batten Institute at the Darden Graduate School of Business at University of Virginia, USA, SEA has set up a web site, which provides resources for learning and teaching effectuation.

Effectuation is a logic of thinking used by expert entrepreneurs to build successful ventures. Discovered by Dr Saras D. Sarasvathy through scientific research, effectuation consists of a unique world view and 4 principles. These 5 elements are core to using the “effectual cycle” as a venture develops. Whether you are thinking of setting up a new venture or have launched a number of ventures, you will find these resources fascinating and useful.

The link to this learning resource is http://bit.ly/vnl0021.

Happy Learning!

Vidyarjan Nugget # 20

We all love dictionaries. However, instead of using thick paperback dictionaries, we now use online dictionaries. The only challenge with online dictionaries is that we must be connected online to use these dictionaries. This is no longer a problem for most of us. Still you may like to use WordWeb, which is an offline English dictionary and thesaurus.

Once installed, the WordWeb Windows program enables one-click lookup in any other Windows program. Its free version is fully functional and has been downloaded for more than 10 million times. Its paid version adds full audio and many additional features, Its mobile apps are available for Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

The link to this learning resource is http://bit.ly/vnl0020.

Happy Learning!

Vidyarjan Nugget # 19

Digital marketing is becoming a career of choice for many graduates and MBAs. There is a lot of free content available to learn about digital marketing. But a structured course would always help. From this perspective, we like to recommend a free course from Google for learning digital marketing.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is a certificate course, which is specifically designed for the Indian context. It contains theory and case studies of many businesses from India. It is a beginner level course. Its 26 modules can be covered in around 40 hours. It contains video tutorials and short quizzes. Its final exam consists of 40 questions. Upon passing this exam, one can earn the Google Digital Unlocked certificate, which can be downloaded as a PDF copy. The course site claims that more three lac students have earned this certification.

The link to this learning resource is http://bit.ly/vnl0019.

Happy Learning!

Vidyarjan Nugget # 18

MIT Sloan Management Review, popularly known as MIT SMR, is a research-based magazine for business executives. Published at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA, this magazine is published in print on quarterly while its online version gets updated daily. It publishes articles in sections such as data & analytics, innovation, leadership, marketing, operations, strategy and sustainability. It also publishes articles on topics such as AI & business strategy, digital leadership, etc.

While there is a subscription fee of around Rs. 5000 for accessing all online content, with free registration on its site you can get 3 free articles per month, commenting privileges, e-bulletins on new research, etc. It seems MIR SMR also offers free access to its entire content for limited time to its registered members. For example, one of us have received the email stating that MIT SMR is offering free access to all its content from 5 to 7 March 2019.

The link to this learning resource is http://bit.ly/vnl0018.

Happy Learning!

Vidyarjan Nugget # 17

Perhaps the biggest repository of free e-books, Project Gutenberg offers over 57,000 free eBooks in HTML, EPUB and Kindle formats. No fee or registration is required. It has the world’s great literature with focus on older works for which copyright has expired. Yes, this collection is absolutely legal to access as you will not get a e-book here, which is a copyrighted work. We must take a note of the fact that thousands of volunteers have digitized and diligently proofread these eBooks, for our enjoyment and education. We can also volunteer for the same on the web site.

The link to this learning resource is http://bit.ly/vnl0017.

Happy Learning!

Vidyarjan Nugget # 16

We all hear of research studies that have been running for years. These are called longitudinal studies as against cross-sectional studies, which examine certain issue at a specific point of time. The longitudinal studies investigate specific issues over a long period of time. But are you aware of a study, which has been running for over 75 years? This is a Study of Adult Development run by Harvard Medical School. The goal of the study is to identify predictors of healthy aging and it attempts to answer the question, what makes a good life? Dr. Robert J. Waldinger, the current director of the study, has shared the findings of this study in a TED talk recorded in Nov 2015. Watched for over 25 million times, this talk shares the lessons from the longest study on happiness.

The link to this learning resource is http://bit.ly/vnl0016.

Happy Learning!

Vidyarjan Nugget # 15

Published in 1954, “How to lie with statistics” book pretends to educate us on how to lie with statistics. But the real and noble intent is to make us aware of pitfalls of blindly trusting statistics. It provides detailed elaboration along with illustrations, on how statistics can be used to deceive facts. In final chapter, it provides a list of five simple questions to ask, which can help uncover the truth. The book is available for free to read online.

The link to this learning resource is http://bit.ly/vnl0015.

Happy Learning!

Vidyarjan Nugget # 14

Lumosity claims to be number one brain games and cognitive training app on its Google Play Store page. It is also an Editor’s choice app. On its web site, the company claims to improve memory, increase focus, and find calm with its app. However, its Wikipedia page informs us that on January 5, 2016 the company (Lumos Labs) agreed to a $50 million settlement (reduced to $2 million subject to financial verification) to the Federal Trade Commission over claims of false advertising for their product. As such there is no good medical evidence to support claims that memory training helps people improve cognitive functioning. Nevertheless, we liked the app as it provides three games per day in its free plan that put our critical thinking, memory and problem-solving skills to the test. We recommend this app provided you do not blindly trust the benefits claimed by the app.

The link to this learning resource is http://bit.ly/vnl0014.

Happy Learning!