Vidyarjan Nugget # 26: MOOC titled “AI for Everyone”

Artificial intelligence has been around for decades. It is now getting attention in mainstream press due to its real-life business applications and also because of fear of job losses. There are many learning resources available that can help you understand what is artificial intelligence with enough technical details. But there are not many resources available for explaining AI to non-technical business executives.

If you wish to understand AI in sufficient depth and want to know how it can be used in business then we would recommend you a MOOC, titled “AI for Everyone”. This MOOC is taught by Andrew Ng, whose “Machine Learning” MOOC is very popular and is a top-ranked MOOC. While Machine Learning MOOC is quite technical, Andrew Ng has come up with AI for Everyone MOOC, specifically for non-technical business executives.

This course is four weeks long with 35 videos and four quizzes. If you are interested in knowing what is AI then the videos from first week are good enough. If you want to use AI in your company then you should continue with second and third week. The contents of fourth week are focused on implications of AI in society at large.

The only shortcoming of this MOOC is that it focuses only on machine learning and deep learning and ignores other AI technologies such as case based reasoning and rule-based engines. It may be justified because the current focus on AI is indeed on machine learning and deep learning.

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Vidyarjan Nugget # 25: 12-min app

We are all pressed for time. Even though we want to read bestseller books, we do not find enough time to read those entire books. Sensing it as an opportunity, a Brazil-based startup offers a website and a mobile app to read summaries of primarily non-fiction books. Its free plan offers one microbook per day. Its paid plan offers more microbooks per day for reading and for listening!

The company claims that its team of experts writes original summaries that cover the most important ideas and concepts from the book. We have read some of the microbooks on the app and found them quite good. As of now, the collection of microbooks is not vast but contains really good picks. We would recommend to try out its app.

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Launching English Writing Gym

Wish to improve your English writing skills? Welcome to the English Writing Gym (EWG) course from Vidyarjan Academy.

EWG course provides you carefully selected online learning resources and writing assignments. Upon enrollment, a mentor will call you to discuss the writing assignments and will clarify the doubts, if any.

Your assignment submissions will be reviewed by the mentor, who will provide suggestions for improvement. You may resubmit your assignment for incorporating the suggestions and would receive feedback on the re-submission.

In addition to the written feedback, your mentor will call you couple of times to have a discussion with you regarding your submissions. With such support from the mentor, you will surely see the improvement in your English writing skills.

To join the course, install the Vidyarjan mobile app from or visit Once logged in, you can freely access the learning resources and see the assignments. For availing the mentoring, please call or WhatsApp at +91 8104 365 281 or write to

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Vidyarjan Nugget # 24: A talk by Captain Raghu Raman

Our country has got a large unorganized sector, also called as informal sector. As no management graduates or consultants work in this sector, we may think that this sector must be poorly managed.

Captain Raghu Raman thinks otherwise. In a 32-minute talk, he has spoken at length about the management lessons corporate India can learn from informal sector of India. He has examined the minutest of details of the streets of India and shattered generally held myths against this sector.

Captain Raghu Raman spent eleven years as an officer in the Indian Armed Forces , followed by another eleven years in the corporate sector before joining the Government as CEO of the National Intelligence Grid. He is a great orator hence you will find his talk both informative and fascinating.

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Launching English Reading Gym

Wish to improve your English reading skills? Join the English Reading Gym!

English Reading Gym is a Mentored Online Course (MOC), which offers the articles to read and quizzes to assess your understanding of these articles. The articles are free to read. You pay the fees only if you want to answer the quizzes and get the answers checked by a mentor. A mentor with 10+ years of industry experience, will give you feedback on your answers. If needed, the mentor will have a telephonic discussion with you to share suggestions for improvement.

To join the course, install the Vidyarjan mobile app from or visit Once logged in, you can freely access the course for reading the articles. For availing the mentoring, please call or WhatsApp at +91 8104 365 281 or write to

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Vidyarjan Nugget # 23: Mindtools website

Mind Tools provides a rich repository of high-quality, practical, on-demand resources that can help one to become an effective and inspirational manager and leader. It offers articles, podcasts, videos, infographics, quizzes, etc. The skill areas include leadership, strategy, problem solving, decision making, project management, time management, creativity, communication skills, etc. We have used these resources extensively and can vouch for the quality.

The site boasts of helping more than 24 million learners per year. It has over 150,000 paid members and more than half a million subscribers to its free email newsletter. Its android mobile app has been installed on more than one lac mobiles.

The link to this learning resource is

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Launching English Grammar Challenge

How much confident are you about your knowledge of English grammar? Ready to take #EnglishGrammarChallenge?

English Grammar Challenge is a free online quiz containing 100 multiple choice questions. It should be attempted within an hour. You earn a certificate if you score more than 90% in the quiz.

Take #EnglishGrammarChallenge in three steps.

1. Register at
2. Enroll in English Grammar Challenge with enrollment key, Vidyarjan@2019.
3. Attempt the quiz honestly.

If you score less than 90% then you may choose to enroll in an online course, English Grammar Gym. This course consists of learning resources and 100 practice quizzes. For more details, please call at +91 8104 365 281 or write to

#EnglishGrammarChallenge is brought to you by Vidyarjan Academy (, which works for the cause of enhancing employability of graduates.

Vidyarjan Nugget # 22: MOOC titled “How to Build a Startup”

If you wish to take only one online course to learn about how to start your own venture, we would recommend you the Udacity course titled “How to Build a Startup”.

This free course is taught by Steve Blank, who is recognized for developing the Customer Development method that launched the Lean Startup movement. Lean Startup movement recognizes that startups are not smaller versions of large companies, but require their own set of processes and tools to be successful. This course introduces many concepts that will be useful for every entrepreneur.

Our key takeaway from this course is the definition of a startup. Steve Blank defines startup as a temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.

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Vidyarjan Nugget # 21: Website on Effectuation

Is there any science to entrepreneurship? Society for Effectual Action (SEA) thinks so. Housed within the Batten Institute at the Darden Graduate School of Business at University of Virginia, USA, SEA has set up a web site, which provides resources for learning and teaching effectuation.

Effectuation is a logic of thinking used by expert entrepreneurs to build successful ventures. Discovered by Dr Saras D. Sarasvathy through scientific research, effectuation consists of a unique world view and 4 principles. These 5 elements are core to using the “effectual cycle” as a venture develops. Whether you are thinking of setting up a new venture or have launched a number of ventures, you will find these resources fascinating and useful.

The link to this learning resource is

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Vidyarjan Nugget # 20: WordWeb app

We all love dictionaries. However, instead of using thick paperback dictionaries, we now use online dictionaries. The only challenge with online dictionaries is that we must be connected online to use these dictionaries. This is no longer a problem for most of us. Still you may like to use WordWeb, which is an offline English dictionary and thesaurus.

Once installed, the WordWeb Windows program enables one-click lookup in any other Windows program. Its free version is fully functional and has been downloaded for more than 10 million times. Its paid version adds full audio and many additional features, Its mobile apps are available for Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

The link to this learning resource is

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