To assess how much knowledgeable you are in English Grammar and Vocabulary, you can take up English Grammar Challenge and English Vocabulary Challenge. These are FREE online tests that you can take at You will need to answer 100 multiple choice questions within an hour in English Grammar Challenge. In English Vocabulary Challenge, you would answer 100 matching terms questions within half an hour. You earn Vidyarjan Certificate when you score more than 90% in these tests.

Follow these steps for taking up these challenges:

  1. Register at
  2. Login at or install a Vidyarjan app from Google App Store.
  3. Choose the Challenge and use Vidyarjan@2019 as the enrollment code for self-enrollment.
  4. Attempt the quiz honestly.

Send a WhatsApp message to +91 8104 365 281, if you face any difficulty.

We also offer English Grammar Test and English Vocabulary Test, which you can attempt within 20 minutes. The procedure remains the same for taking up these tests. These are relatively easy tests.

Ready to take challenge?

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