We offer Mentored Online Courses (MOC) that supplement online learning content with mentoring sessions. The mentoring sessions provide a broad overview to help develop a learning plan and track the progress. The online learning content provides specific and detailed learning inputs. The mentoring sessions would help the learners understand the critical aspects of the subject matter while online learning content can help them take a deep dive in the subject matter.

The mentoring sessions are delivered by faculty having 10+ years of industry experience. This experience of faculty would help the learners understand the concepts with real-life examples. Learners can attend the mentoring sessions online or in-person.

The online learning content consists of short video lectures, brief articles, and quizzes. These learning inputs can be absorbed whenever learners find some free time. This will help the learners study as much as needed without disturbing their work or personal schedule.

To achieve desired learning outcomes, learners would need to attend all mentoring sessions and submit assignments. The mentor reviews the submissions and provides specific feedback to the learners. This feedback would help the learners validate their learning and take corrective actions if needed.

After successful completion of a course, learners join a growing alumni network of professionals. This network would be useful for getting future career opportunities and professional advice. Plus they can attend local networking events organized by us from time to time.

We have been able to keep the course fee as low as Rs. 2000 (inclusive of taxes) since we avoid spending money on expensive TV or newspaper advertising. We rely on our alumni and well-wishers to recommend our courses to individuals and corporate. We strive to give the maximum possible returns on the learner’s investment of time and money.

Career Management

Job Interviews

Learn how to prepare for interviews, how to make first impression, how to present oneself during interview and how to close the interview.