We offer Mentored Online Courses, workshops and certificate courses.

Mentored Online Courses
We provide Mentored Online Courses (MOCs) that supplement online learning content with mentoring sessions. The learners can access online learning content at Vidyarjan Learning Portal or use Vidyarjan mobile app available at Google Play Store. The learners receive one-to-one mentoring from experienced industry professionals. The mentoring sessions typically happen over a video call. Alternatively, learners can visit the premises of our Partners to have face-to-face interaction with mentors.

The online learning content consists of short video lectures, brief articles, and quizzes. These learning inputs can be absorbed whenever learners find some free time. This will help the learners study as much as needed without disturbing their work or personal schedule. Mentors provide direction, assess progress and clarify doubts, whenever needed. The mentoring sessions are typically scheduled twice in a week at mutually convenient time of the learner and the mentor.

After successful completion of MOC, learners join a growing alumni network of professionals. This network would be useful for getting future career opportunities and professional advice. Plus they can attend local networking events organized by us from time to time.

We offer two MOCs viz. Resume Writing & Giving Interviews (RWGI) and Mastering Business English (MBE). In the RWGI MOC, free online learning content is available on how to write one-page resume and how to prepare for job interviews. Mentors review the draft resume in two rounds so as to refine it further. More importantly, the mentors conduct two mock interviews that can help the learners test their preparation and gain confidence.The MBE MOC covers English grammar and vocabulary, conversations in English, and professional email writing. It can be customized as per the needs and availability of the learners.

Workshops are offered for small batches in classrooms so that we can provide activity-based learning to participants.

We offer two workshops at colleges viz., Resume Writing & Giving Interviews (RWGI) and Learn to Learn (L2L). The RWGI workshop helps participants evaluate their resume and learn how to prepare for interviews. Half of the workshop time is spent in conducting mock interviews so that participants can test their preparation and gain confidence. The L2L workshop helps participants learn how to learn. It helps participants in discovering the most effective learning strategies. It also provides tools and techniques for tackling procrastination.

We offer two workshops to companies viz. Mindfulness for Managing Stress (MMS) and Effective Business Presentations (EBP). The MMS workshop runs for half day, preferrably in the middle of workday. It discusses what is mindfulness and why it is beneficial for managing stress. But more importantly, it helps participants start practising mindfulness as part of their routine. The EBP is a one-day workshop, which begins with presentations by the participants. The faculty then provides personalized feedback and teaches the best practices for making effective business presentations. The workshop concludes with second round of business presentations, which happen to be much more effective than the earlier ones!

Certificate Courses
We offer two Certificate Courses viz. Certificate in Business Administration (CBA) and Certificate in Business Communication (CBC). These certificate courses comprise of live sessions, online tests and assignments over a period of three months. We currently offer these courses to companies but we are also planning to offer them as open courses. Please contact us for more details.

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