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Vidyarjan Nugget # 32: Arvind Gupta’s TED talk

Can trash be used for learning? You will answer yes after watching this exciting TED talk by Padma Shree Arvind Gupta.

Padmshree Arvind Gupta is well-known for development of low-cost science teaching aids by using locally available material. He has set up a web site that provides instructions for making hundreds of improvised toys. These toys can be used for learning science in an engaging way. You can also see photos and videos (hosted on YouTube) to help you make these toys

In his 15-minute TED talk, Padma Shree Arvind Gupta has shared how trash can be turned into well-designed toys that kids can build themselves — while learning basic principles of science and design. After watching the TED talk, you will surely like to visit his web site at

The link to this learning resource is

Happy Learning!

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