A webinar series titled Basics of Project Management

We are launching a new webinar series titled “Basics of Project Management”. We will have 21 webinars scheduled on weekdays (Mon-Fri) in the month of December 2020. The series will start on Dec 1 and will end on Dec 30. The time will be 10 pm IST. The duration of each webinar will be 30 minutes.

The faculty for this webinar series will be Dr Shrikant Mulik.

The registration fee will be Rs. 630. You will be investing Rs. 630 and 630 minutes to attend this webinar series. We sincerely believe that you will get high returns on this investment of time and money. You will receive an e-certificate after attending all sessions and after passing the quiz & viva.

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Based on how we receive response to this webinar series, we will plan more such webinar series in upcoming months. The topics could be Developing Progressive Web Apps in Python, Getting Started in Data Science with R, Finance for Non-finance Executives, Demystifying Digital Technologies, Basics of Marketing Management, etc. Please feel free to suggest topics and faculty for the upcoming webinar series.

Happy Learning!

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