Vidyarjan Newsletter

Vidyarjan Newsletter – Feb 2021

Let me share our first monthly newsletter from Vidyarjan Academy. In this newsletter, we will bring to your notice some interesting learning opportunities.

So what will you like to learn this month? Here are some suggestions!

  1. It will take half an hour for you to complete an online course on Digital Body Language. In this course, the instructor, Erica Dhawan explains how to use digital body language to close the empathy gap between you and your team. Hosted by LinkedIn Learning, this course provides useful tips for your online communication.
  2. Writing without any grammar errors is difficult. So you may want to try Slick Write tool. It is a web-based tool so you don’t need to download and install any software. You can type in your text (or copy-paste) in a large text area and check it to get feedback. This software tool is free to use but you will need to tolerate some ads. We checked this newsletter using this tool!
  3. Writing email is a serious business. So it will be worthwhile to know the rules from an expert. We suggest watching Victoria Turk’s 15-minute TEDx talk on YouTube. In this talk, Victoria Turk takes us through some of the oft-neglected fundamentals of email etiquette, from subject line to sign-off.
  4. Writing a resume is a key step in finding a suitable job.We invite you to attend a free webinar on Saturday 27th Feb at 6 pm. Learn what is expected from the resume. Get to know how to improve your resume. And finally, get your doubts clarified by the experienced industry professional. Register now!
  5. In next week, we are offering a week-long live online course on Basics of Data Science. Get special 10% discount for registration by mentioning “newsletter” in the field, Name of Referral.

From next time onward, we will try to share this newsletter as early as possible in the month. See you next month!

Happy Learning!

Vidyarjan Nuggets

Storytelling with Data

Does data tell you the stories? Yes! But how do you tell stories with data? Watch this five minute video to get an idea. Produced by Harvard Business Review, this video features Scott Berinato, author of “Good Charts” and “Good Charts Workbook”. He walks us through the three essential ingredients of any story–including those told with data.

Happy Learning!


A webinar series titled Basics of Project Management

We are launching a new webinar series titled “Basics of Project Management”. We will have 21 webinars scheduled on weekdays (Mon-Fri) in the month of December 2020. The series will start on Dec 1 and will end on Dec 30. The time will be 10 pm IST. The duration of each webinar will be 30 minutes.

The faculty for this webinar series will be Dr Shrikant Mulik.

The registration fee will be Rs. 630. You will be investing Rs. 630 and 630 minutes to attend this webinar series. We sincerely believe that you will get high returns on this investment of time and money. You will receive an e-certificate after attending all sessions and after passing the quiz & viva.

Register for this webinar at

Based on how we receive response to this webinar series, we will plan more such webinar series in upcoming months. The topics could be Developing Progressive Web Apps in Python, Getting Started in Data Science with R, Finance for Non-finance Executives, Demystifying Digital Technologies, Basics of Marketing Management, etc. Please feel free to suggest topics and faculty for the upcoming webinar series.

Happy Learning!


Re-launching CampusNXT

Last year on Dussehra, we launched an initiative called CampusNXT. We aimed to reach ALL institutes in India to conduct one-day workshop on the topic of Resume Writing and Interview Preparation.

Little did we know that we will not only fail but will fail miserably!

During last one year, we realized that it takes a LOT of time and efforts to organize workshops in institutes. We did organize few workshops and received encouraging response. We found that student can improve their resumes significantly if they receive specific suggestions for improvement. So we have decided to continue this initiative but with a change.

Instead of conducting workshops for students, we have now started approaching institutes to conduct online half-fay Faculty Development Programs (FDP) on the topic of “Review of Student Resumes”. The idea is simple. We have developed a Structured Review Guide (SRG) that serves two purposes. With SRG, the college teachers can assign a score to the student resume. This score would range between 0 to 21. Secondly, the college teachers can provide specific suggestions for improvement of student resumes.

I will be conducting this FDP along with Smita Rane. Both of us have 20+ years of entrepreneurial and corporate work experience. We have evaluated hundreds of resumes. We have used this experience in developing the SRG and in designing this FDP.

In next one year, we aim to organize online FDP for 50 institutes. With these many FDPs we hope to contribute towards improving resumes of around ten thousand college students.

Wish us the best luck and help us spread the word!


A 100-minute FREE webinar on “Tools & Techniques for Digital Marketing” on Sunday 8 Nov 2020 at 10 am

We are organizing a 100-minute FREE webinar on “Tools & Techniques for Digital Marketing” on Sunday 8 Nov 2020 at 10 am.

With one third of India’s population being online, no marketer can ignore the potential of digital marketing. Understanding the tools and techniques in terms of their benefits and applicability is important to use digital marketing effectively. In this webinar, we will explain digital marketing techniques such as email marketing, digital advertising, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. We will also elaborate on digital marketing tools such as MailChimp, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, and Facebook Business Suite.

This webinar would be useful for entrepreneurs, business owners, sales & marketing professionals, and MBA students.

The faculty for this webinar is Dr Shrikant Mulik. His 18 years of work experience at Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd (LTI) involved providing onsite consulting services to companies based in USA, Germany, South Africa, and India. He has done MBA from IIT Bombay and PhD from NMIMS University. He currently serves as CEO at Vidyarjan Consulting Pvt Ltd and Director at Vidyarjan Academy.

Register for this 100-minute FREE webinar at


Launching Resume Review Service (RRS)

Get started at to avail Resume Review Service.


Resume Writing Workshop

Our next resume writing workshop is scheduled on Sunday 27 Sept 2020.


Vidyarjan Online Workshops in September 2020

From next month onward, we are planning to organize three-hour online workshops on four different topics on Sundays. The schedule for Sept 2020 is as follows:

  • Learning more in less time – Sept 6
  • Managing stress effectively – Sept 13
  • Achieving financial independence – Sept 20
  • Writing effective resume – Sept 27

The time will be from 10 am to 1 pm.

For more details and registration, please visit Group discounts are available for the registration fee.


Resume Writing Workshops in August 2020

Vidyarjan Academy has conducted resume writing workshops in colleges where we used to address 40+ students. However, while conducting online workshops, we found that we should have a much smaller group to make the workshops interactive and engaging. We use first half of the workshop for explaining the expectations from the resume and for sharing the tips and techniques to make the resume impressive. We also clarify the doubts raised by the participants. During the second half of the workshop, we review resumes of some of the participants, who are willing to share their resume for receiving our critical feedback.

In this month, we are conducting two resume writing workshops. The first one is on Sunday 16th August from 10 am to 1 pm for working professionals. The other one is on Sunday 30th August from 11 am to 1 pm for college students.

Please help us spread the word by sharing this information with the people, who would benefit from these workshops.


Essential Grammar for Speaking English Fluently

Some of us find it difficult to speak English fluently because our knowledge of English Grammar is not so strong. To help these individuals, we have specially launched an online live course titled, “Essential Grammar for Speaking English Fluently”.

My colleague at Vdyarjan Academy, Mona Sudarshan will teach this course. Mona is M Phil from IIT Bombay. She has worked at L&T Infotech earlier and has taught at Chetana College and Mithibai College in Mumbai. She loves teaching English and has conducted many batches of English classes.

The course will have 15 hour-long sessions starting on Monday 10th August 2020. The timings are 5 pm to 6 pm.

Interested? Please register at