Re-launching CampusNXT

Last year on Dussehra, we launched an initiative called CampusNXT. We aimed to reach ALL institutes in India to conduct one-day workshop on the topic of Resume Writing and Interview Preparation.

Little did we know that we will not only fail but will fail miserably!

During last one year, we realized that it takes a LOT of time and efforts to organize workshops in institutes. We did organize few workshops and received encouraging response. We found that student can improve their resumes significantly if they receive specific suggestions for improvement. So we have decided to continue this initiative but with a change.

Instead of conducting workshops for students, we have now started approaching institutes to conduct online half-fay Faculty Development Programs (FDP) on the topic of “Review of Student Resumes”. The idea is simple. We have developed a Structured Review Guide (SRG) that serves two purposes. With SRG, the college teachers can assign a score to the student resume. This score would range between 0 to 21. Secondly, the college teachers can provide specific suggestions for improvement of student resumes.

I will be conducting this FDP along with Smita Rane. Both of us have 20+ years of entrepreneurial and corporate work experience. We have evaluated hundreds of resumes. We have used this experience in developing the SRG and in designing this FDP.

In next one year, we aim to organize online FDP for 50 institutes. With these many FDPs we hope to contribute towards improving resumes of around ten thousand college students.

Wish us the best luck and help us spread the word!

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