Vidyarjan Newsletter

Vidyarjan Newsletter – August 2021

Let us share with you the learning opportunities in this month!

  1. Quantum computing uses the principles of quantum physics to represent data and perform operations on these data. Quantum computing is still an emerging technology. A quantum computer is expected to solve some scientific and business problems millions of times faster than can be done today. Hence it is worth gaining the introductory level of understanding of this technology. A 10-minute TED talk by TED Fellow Shohini Ghose can get you started.
  2. Around 1000 Universities and 400+ institutions across the globe are now offering more than 16,000 online courses on platforms provided by 40+ organizations. While this ecosystem can provide you a course on virtually any topic, it also presents the “problem of the many”. How can we find an appropriate course from so many options available? Help is available at Class Central. Class Central is a search engine and reviews site for free online courses and provides ranking for the courses. Additionally, this site publishes reports on various aspects of online courses. It is the site worth visiting if you are interested in online courses.
  3. Vidyarjan Academy is offering a three-month course for helping BE/MCA students, who are aspiring to join a software company in general and TCS in particular. This course will specifically prepare students to appear for TCS NQT (Cognitive + IT Programming). It will be an instructor-led online course. The lead faculty is Smita Rane, who has 20+ years of IT industry experience. For more details, please send a WhatsApp message to Dr Shrikant Mulik at 8104 365 281.

Happy Learning!

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