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Vidyarjan Newsletter – Feb 2021

Let me share our first monthly newsletter from Vidyarjan Academy. In this newsletter, we will bring to your notice some interesting learning opportunities.

So what will you like to learn this month? Here are some suggestions!

  1. It will take half an hour for you to complete an online course on Digital Body Language. In this course, the instructor, Erica Dhawan explains how to use digital body language to close the empathy gap between you and your team. Hosted by LinkedIn Learning, this course provides useful tips for your online communication.
  2. Writing without any grammar errors is difficult. So you may want to try Slick Write tool. It is a web-based tool so you don’t need to download and install any software. You can type in your text (or copy-paste) in a large text area and check it to get feedback. This software tool is free to use but you will need to tolerate some ads. We checked this newsletter using this tool!
  3. Writing email is a serious business. So it will be worthwhile to know the rules from an expert. We suggest watching Victoria Turk’s 15-minute TEDx talk on YouTube. In this talk, Victoria Turk takes us through some of the oft-neglected fundamentals of email etiquette, from subject line to sign-off.
  4. Writing a resume is a key step in finding a suitable job.We invite you to attend a free webinar on Saturday 27th Feb at 6 pm. Learn what is expected from the resume. Get to know how to improve your resume. And finally, get your doubts clarified by the experienced industry professional. Register now!
  5. In next week, we are offering a week-long live online course on Basics of Data Science. Get special 10% discount for registration by mentioning “newsletter” in the field, Name of Referral.

From next time onward, we will try to share this newsletter as early as possible in the month. See you next month!

Happy Learning!

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