Vidyarjan Newsletter

Vidyarjan Newsletter – September 2021

Let us share with you the learning opportunities in this month!

  1. Developed by DeepMind Technologies, AlphaGo is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program that defeated Lee Sedol (then the topmost professional Go player) in 2016. The lead up and the challenge match with Lee Sedol were documented in a documentary film titled AlphaGo. It is one and half hour long movie, which is worth watching!
  2. The Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) publishes the AI Index Report that tracks, collates, distills, and visualizes data related to artificial intelligence. The report is organized into seven chapters viz. R&D, Technical Performance, Economy, AI Education, Ethical Challenges of AI Applications, Diversity in AI, and AI Policy & National Strategies. Its fourth edition, 2021 AI Index Report is available to read at
  3. Admissions have started for the Oct-Dec 2021 batch for two courses: Certificate in Business Administration (CBA) and Certificate in Business English (CBE). The CBA will help you learn the fundamentals of business organization, accounting & finance, marketing, human resources management, and business strategy. The CBE will help you revise English Grammar, enhance English Vocabulary, and learn how to write effective emails and make impressive presentations. For registrations and queries, please contact at 8104 365 281.

Happy Learning!

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