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Vidyarjan Nugget # 26: MOOC titled “AI for Everyone”

Artificial intelligence has been around for decades. It is now getting attention in mainstream press due to its real-life business applications and also because of fear of job losses. There are many learning resources available that can help you understand what is artificial intelligence with enough technical details. But there are not many resources available for explaining AI to non-technical business executives.

If you wish to understand AI in sufficient depth and want to know how it can be used in business then we would recommend you a MOOC, titled “AI for Everyone”. This MOOC is taught by Andrew Ng, whose “Machine Learning” MOOC is very popular and is a top-ranked MOOC. While Machine Learning MOOC is quite technical, Andrew Ng has come up with AI for Everyone MOOC, specifically for non-technical business executives.

This course is four weeks long with 35 videos and four quizzes. If you are interested in knowing what is AI then the videos from first week are good enough. If you want to use AI in your company then you should continue with second and third week. The contents of fourth week are focused on implications of AI in society at large.

The only shortcoming of this MOOC is that it focuses only on machine learning and deep learning and ignores other AI technologies such as case based reasoning and rule-based engines. It may be justified because the current focus on AI is indeed on machine learning and deep learning.

The link to this learning resource is

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