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Vidyarjan Nugget # 27: The New World Kirkpatrick Model

Everyone agrees that training is necessary in business organizations. Many large organizations employ Learning and Development (L&D) professionals in their training department to impart training programs to their all employees. While nobody denies the need of such training programs, many wonder whether these training programs deliver any value to the business organizations.

While training feedback form is a typical way by which effectiveness of a training program is measured, a more rigorous approach is needed to measure the value of training programs. One of the most influential model for evaluation of training programs is the Kirkpatrick Model, developed by Dr Donald Kirkpatrick as the subject of his Ph.D. dissertation in 1954. The model proposed four levels of training evaluation viz. Reaction, Learning, Behavior, and Result. This model was subsequently refined over a period of time and has evolved into The New World Kirkpatrick Model.

Son and daughter-in-law of Dr Donald Kirkpatrick set up Kirkpatrick Partners in year 2008 to provide training and consulting based on this model. Their website provide details of the model and the advice on how to use the model. The website’s “Our Philosophy” section explains the model in sufficient depth. You can access the additional resources such as white papers, articles, forms, videos, etc. by registering at the site for free.

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