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Vidyarjan Patrika – October 2021

Vidyarjan means learning and Patrika means magazine. This magazine informs you about the learning resources that you would like to access in current month.

  1. If you wish to learn about how Kanban can be used in projects then you will find this YouTube playlist quite useful. In less than half an hour, you will learn basics of Kanban, Kanban Board, Kanban Cards, and WIP Limits. Watch this playlist at
  2. To learn the latest development in the domain of Artificial Intelligence (AI), The State of AI Report produced by AI investors Nathan Benaich and Ian Hogarth, is a valuable resource. The 2021 edition of this report will be available on 12th Oct 2021. Don’t miss to read it at The site also provides the earlier versions of this report.
  3. We have launched a new Mentored Online Course (MOC) on Business English. It features one-to-one online live interaction with a mentor over three months along with self-paced learning with an EPQ app. It will help you revise grammar and enhance vocabulary as well as practice fluent professional conversation and effective email writing. You can choose one of three mentors (Anand Aashay, Mona Sudarshan and Dr Shrikant Mulik). Please contact us at 8104 365 281 for us to help you get started.

Happy Learning!

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