For last several years, many reports from business associations like CII and NASSCOM have expressed concerns about the low employability of graduates in India. A graduate with low employability either does not get a job or get a job with a low salary. He or she is also likely to loose the job during difficult times. Thus, low employability leads to low financial security for the graduates in spite of having 15+ years of formal education.

While many graduates are looking for job, companies are struggling to hire right talent for their job vacancies. This paradox also is the result of low employability among graduates. The growth of the companies gets constrained by the unavailability of right-skilled employees. This in turn adversely affects the economy of the country. What is seen as demographic dividend for India could turn into demographic disaster if the problem of low employability is not corrected quickly.

While 15+ years of formal education is necessary, it is no sufficient for the graduates to have high employability. Learning new skills as and when needed is critical for maintaining high employability in today’s highly competitive world. Vidyarjan Academy helps graduate professionals and college students enhance their employability with its technology-enabled courses and services. We use digital technology to lower the cost and improve the accessibility of education without compromising the quality.

Vidyarjan Academy is a social enterprise that works for the cause of enhancing employability of graduates. It is formed as a result of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of Vidyarjan Consulting Pvt Ltd. Founded in year 2015, Vidyarjan Consulting Pvt Ltd is an edutech company that provides advisory services and digital solutions like ERP and LMS primarily to academic institutes.

Vidyarjan Academy is run by Mentors, who work on the honorary basis. They design and deliver the offerings that support the cause. Please visit our blog to know the latest happenings. For any queries, please feel free to contact us.

Happy Learning!